My trip to Greece

So recently I took a trip to Athens with the bestie where we explored, shopped and ate to our hearts content! We learned about traditions and the myths and legends of the Greek Gods, saw sights such as the great Acropolis, the temple of Zeus, the ruins of the old city and the markets at Monastiraki among others, and thanks to a personal tour guide we also got to know the city as it stands today. Not only did we explore the magnificent history of Athens, we took a day trip to Delphi where we climbed the mountain to Apollo's temple and saw the theatre; and we also dipped toes in the gorgeous bright blues seas on the traditional 'Mama Mia' style island of Hydra where not a car was to be seen! Other Islands we visited also include Poros and Egina where they grow some of the most delicious pistachio nuts!! I wanted to share with you my snaps with you all as words cannot explain how architecturally and historically magnificient this country is!

(Sit down and grab yourself a brew, there are quite a few!!! Some pictures have a little description, Just hover over them to see.)